Events & Activities

As we are hosting more online activities than ever before, we have developed an online code of conduct and distress protocol for our events. Please find it HERE (the online code of conduct is consistent across our events, but some of the links provided may be revised depending upon the nature of the event and the potential support required).

UKRI Project

  • Workshops. This project involves regular workshops.
    • In 2020-21 we have focused on creative research methods. Details of past workshops are below.
    • In mid 2021 – mid 2023 we are holding a number of workshops to develop a draft hospital building note on the senses, which we will later share for discussion at a conference roundtable. Full details of the working group can be found HERE.
  • Training and Development.
    • We have been awarded ‘Plus Funds’ to run a training and development programme over the course of 2022-23. Full dates and details can be found HERE.
  • Exhibition & conference, 2023/24. The research will feed into an exhibition at Southmead and Great Ormond Street Hospitals as well as a design & healthcare conference in 2023 or 2024. Details will be announced here in due course.

Wellcome Trust Network

  • 4-7 April 2022. Conference on the senses and modern environments of healthcare & care. The Call for Papers is now closed, but is available for reference HERE.
  • Autumn 2021 – Easter 2022. ‘Retreats’ for core collaborators to work towards an interdisciplinary collaborative output. We are developing a creative output with ‘prompts and provocations’ on hospital senses, to be launched in 2022.

To join this network and get email updates about forthcoming events, click HERE.

Past events

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship:

  • Reports on all creative workshops can be found HERE
  • Workshops. September 2021. As part of Weston Arts & Health week we provided our project’s ‘mapping’ and ‘feeling the hospital’ (clay) activities for NHS staff to complete remotely.
  • Workshop. 1 April 2021. ‘Listening to the Hospital: Free Online Workshop for NHS staff’.
  • Workshop. 12 November 2020. ‘Making Sense of Hospital Spaces: Free Online Poetry Workshop for NHS staff’.
  • Workshop. 17 July 2020. ‘Creative Methods in Health Research: A Virtual Workshop’ (more details of the scope of this workshop can be found in our original CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS). Led by the UKRI FLF, in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust network.
  • Conferences.
    • The team has presented at the following conferences:
      • As a team:
        • with Vivienne Reiss. European Healthcare Design Conference, 14-17 June 2021. Paper: ‘Interdisciplinary approaches to hospital art and the senses: A Case Study from Great Ormond Street Hospital’.
      • Rebecka Fleetwood-Smith presented at:
        • Culture, Health and Wellbeing International Conference, 21-23 June 2021. Paper: ‘Developing a sensory research toolkit: A remote method’.
        • Curative Things: Medicine/Fashion/Art, 12 February 2021. Paper: ‘Clothing, Expression, and Dementia’.
        • Empowered Conversations, 5 May 2021. Paper: ‘Considering the importance of clothing to people with dementia’.
      • Victoria Bates presented at:
        • Medical Objects in Health Humanities, 10 June 2021. Paper: ‘Sounding Things Out: Hearing the history of hospital objects’.
        • Uncommon Senses 3, 6-9 May 2021. Paper: ‘Sensing Spaces of Healthcare: Creative research methods and sensory memory’.
        • Northern Network for Medical Humanities International Conference, 21 April 2021. Paper Title. ‘Feeling Blue: Colour and the Modern Hospital’.
        • Building Welfare States: New Approaches to Architecture, Community & Planning in Twentieth-Century Britain, 23-25 September 2020. Paper: ‘Soundscapes and the State: Building Welfare in the NHS through Acoustics’.
        • Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research, 21-24 April 2021. Paper: ‘Feeling Blue: Colour and the Modern Hospital’.
    • We were also planning to present at the following events in 2020, which were rescheduled due to Covid-19 disruption:
      • ‘New Narratives’, Arts University Bournemouth.
      • ‘Making Space’, Association for Medical Humanities, University of Limerick.
      • ‘Space, Place and Design in the Medical and Health Humanities’, University of Southern Denmark.
      • ‘Design4Health’, Amsterdam.

Wellcome Trust Network:

University of Bristol:

  • June-July 2019. Visiting Scholarship at the Centre for Sensory Studies, Concordia University. Supported by the University of Bristol International Strategic Fund.
  • June 2018. Writing retreat: Towards a collaborative sensory history.
  • April 2018. Towards a Sensory History of the Modern Hospital workshop. Supported by the University of Bristol Strategic Research Fund.

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