Creative Methods in Health Research: A Virtual Workshop

On 17 July 2020 the ‘Sensing Spaces of Healthcare’ team ran a small virtual workshop on creative methods in health research. It was an interdisciplinary workshop, with participants from arts, humanities, medicine, science, social science and more:

The workshop ran in three sections: in the first session we fed back on creative research methods, which we had trialled as part of our preparation; in the second session, four presenters gave 10-minute papers in a webinar; and finally we had a break-out session discussing the benefits, challenges and definitions of creative research methods in relation to health and in healthcare settings.

Camille Aubry scribed the event, and you can see / download her record of the presentations and our discussions below:

(c) Camille Aubry. CC BY NC (this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Licence).

Responses to Creative Tasks

Some of the participants have kindly agreed to share their responses to our research tasks, which we will add below over the coming days.

Rebecka Fleetwood-Smith:  I was drawn to the visual methods in the CP resource pack and really enjoyed the freedom involved in creating the ink blots. The process made me reflect upon the hours I have spent in front of the screen recently and how I miss the variety and spontaneity usually involved in my working week.

(c) Rebecka Fleetwood-Smith

Sarah Joyce:

(c) Sarah Joyce

Ian Robson:

(c) Ian Robson
(c) Ian Robson

Sarah Yardley: I am a clinical academic with research interests in qualitative methods and methodologies, using these along with sociocultural and educational theory to study ‘how things work in the real world’. I am particularly interested in how we use stories to create meaning and understand our experiences, unintended consequences in healthcare interactions, and the need to develop holistic understanding of the human efforts and relational work needed to ‘make things work’ in healthcare. I undertake research in areas such as informal workplace learning, palliative care, psychiatry and patient safety. For more information about some of my current research see: Previous publications can be found here and I can be contacted at The pieces below are a result of personal creative activities focused on the concepts I am currently exploring through my research and reflecting on in my clinical practice. These were undertaken as part of a Sensing Spaces workshop (July 2020).

(c) Sarah Yardley

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