Share Your Memories

Only got 5 minutes? Send us a sentence or two for our sensory memory bank…

What are your memories of the NHS hospital? Help us to build a ‘sensory memory bank’ of smells, tastes, sounds, touch, and more. We will collect anonymous memories until the 75th anniversary of the NHS in 2023. You can tell us stories, or send photos here: We are aware that many experiences of hospital are traumatic, and there is a link for support in the information section if you find returning to these memories difficult.

Oral History Project: Hospital Art, Architecture & Design

Have you been involved in NHS hospital art, interior design, object design/making, or architecture at any point since 1948? If so the ‘Sensing Spaces of Healthcare: Rethinking the NHS Hospital’ project would very much like to hear from you. This exciting oral history research project is currently running at the History Department at the University of Bristol, conducted by Dr Victoria Bates. 

Dr Bates would like to interview people who have played a key role in designing hospitals over the course of the NHS: from beds to buildings! 

The research project aims to explore the history of hospitals through the senses, and we want to hear from the people who designed and built them. Interviews will contribute toward a number of historical publications, and be part of a public archive. 

See the full recruitment poster below. If you are interested in participating, please send in your details via this form: HERE.

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