Online Events: Code of Conduct

By taking part in our online events and workshops, you are agreeing to the following Code of Conduct:

  • Behavioural ‘Ground Rules’:
    • Speaking: Feel free to speak up at any point but wait until someone has finished talking – use chat or unmute yourself or raise hand
    • Openness: You will be encouraged to be open and honest, but without disclosing others’ personal/private lives. We will discuss general situations as examples but not use names or identifying descriptions.
    • Keep the conversation in the ‘room’: We hope that you will feel safe discussing general issues within this space; by participating, everyone agrees not to share anything that is expressed in these sessions. The facilitators will not share anything that is expressed unless we have a concern about your wellbeing or the wellbeing of others, in which case we would share our concerns with University of Bristol safeguarding specialists, relevant agencies or support services. We would aim to discuss this with you first.
    • Right to pass: Participation is important however you have the right to pass on answering a question or participating in an activity. There is no pressure to share anything – be conscious of what you are happy to share with others and give a content warning beforehand if needed. Be responsible for your own decisions – there is no pressure to take part in any of the activities and you are welcome to choose your own path through the session. Feel free to pause or leave at any point but write a note in the chat to let us know why you are leaving so we can provide follow up support if needed.
    • Make no assumptions: We ask you not to make assumptions about people’s values, attitudes, behaviours, life experiences or feelings.
    • Listening to others point of view and sharing your own: You will listen to the other person’s point of view and expect to be listened to in return. We understand that people often feel strongly about issues and certain themes, but we will consider not posting contributions that others might find extremely offensive or threatening. Please respect other people’s views and beliefs and consider your impact on others when posting your comments. Everyone here agrees not to show any judgement towards others.
    • Respect: Participation in the activity always requires responsible and respectful behaviour from you together with respect towards other participants and event organisers. We treat all forms of abuse, bullying, intimidation, sexist and racist behaviour very seriously. We recognise the difference between criticising a particular organisation, community or belief and attacking people on the basis of their race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age. You must not engage in any anti-social behaviour or abuse of any kind towards other participants or event organiser. Please don’t use discriminatory language. 
    • Boundaries: We are keeping the ‘private’ chat function open for the purposes of communicating with organisers only and ask workshop attendees not to send each other any other unsolicited private messages.
    • If your behaviour is inappropriate in anyway event organisers will immediately mute microphone/stop video/stop chat access as needed and warn you that if the behaviour continues, you will be removed from the session. Or, if the behaviour is serious enough you will be immediately removed from the session, and your place on any future sessions may be withdrawn. 
  • Data protection:
    • Please be aware of your surroundings, and take care not to ‘share’ any personal data unintentionally e.g. by capturing it on video, having emails open when screen-sharing. 
    • Please do not record, take photographs of your screens or share any images of the online session, this is for your safety as well as the safety of other participants and event organisers. 
  • If you are upset or concerned:
    • We intend this session to be enjoyable and inclusive; it has been designed by a professional facilitator with your safety in mind. While we have taken steps to safeguard the wellbeing of participants, we recognise that people may react to the topic of sensory experiences of hospital spaces in unanticipated ways. We would like to draw your attention towards these support resources: and
    • Please consider the emotional effect of what you share for others in the group and consider providing a content warning (we will discuss this in the session). The facilitators will be able to mute individuals who share offensive material. You can use the ‘chat’ function to contact the session organisers immediately if you become aware of anything upsetting or inappropriate. You may send this as a private message.
    • You are welcome to step away from the session at any point or leave. If you need to leave for any reason, please let us know through the chat function (public or private). This will help us to provide follow up contact where appropriate.

We give thanks to the Arts/Humanities Public Engagement Team at the University of Bristol and Beth Calverley for help in developing these principles, which draw heavily on their work in this area.