UKRI project: publications

Relevant and recent publications from the project team

Victoria Bates, Making Noise in the Modern Hospital (Cambridge University Press, 2021 [in press]).

Victoria Bates et al., Beyond Landscape’s Visible Realm: Recorded sound, nature, and wellbeing, Health & Place (2020).

Rebecka Fleetwood-Smith, Kate Hefferon, and Carolyn Mair, ‘“It’s like… it’s me”: exploring the lived experience of clothing attachment during wear’International Journal of Fashion Studies 6.1 (2019), 41-62.

Victoria Bates, Sensing space and making place: The hospital and therapeutic landscapes in two cancer narratives, Medical Humanities 45 (2019), 10-20.

Victoria Bates, ‘Humanizing’ healthcare environments: architecture, art and design in modern hospitals, Design for Health 2 (2019), 5-19.