UKRI project: team and contacts

University of Bristol

Contact us:

Principal Investigator

Dr Victoria Bates

Victoria is Associate Professor in Modern Medical History at the University of Bristol. She specialises in the social history of medicine and has published widely in the interdisciplinary medical humanities.

Project Administrator

Nicole Andrieu

Nicole is the first point of contact for our project. Nicole has experience working on different type of projects for the university, from co-productive research to pump-prime funding grants. Her background is in economics, and before joining the university she worked in various industries including aviation, gas and oil, and education publishing.

Research Associate

Dr Rebecka Fleetwood-Smith

Rebecka’s background is in fashion textile design and psychology. She recently completed her PhD conducting research into the significance of clothing and textiles to people with dementia, using sensory and creative research methods. She is interested in the role of the arts, design and creativity in a person’s health and wellbeing. Becka has her own creative blog at

Project Consultant

Jane Willis: Jane’s long-standing expertise as an arts and health consultant and evaluator spans co-production with health, arts and academic partners, and training and mentoring around quality frameworks and good practice. She champions improved arts and health evaluation with a particular interest in creative research,and has developed research programmes, training and resources to support this.

Project Partners

GOSH Arts, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London – Vivienne Reiss

Fresh Arts, North Bristol NHS Trust

Architects for Health, Dr Hina Lad

Advisory Board

Professor Gavin Andrews, Professor of Health Geography, McMaster University.

Professor Tim Cole, Project Mentor and Professor of Social History, University of Bristol.

Dr Anna Harris,  Assistant Professor in the Department of Technology and Society Studies, Maastricht University.

Dr Clare Hickman, Senior Lecturer in History, Newcastle University.

Dr Helen Manchester, Reader in Digital Inequalities and Urban Futures, University of Bristol.

Dr Mark Paterson, Assistant Professor in Sociology, University of Pittsburgh.

Prof. Jonathan Reinarz, Professor of the History of Medicine, University of Birmingham.

Prof. Glenn Robert, Professor of Health Care Quality & Innovation, King’s College London.

Prof. Charles Spence, Professor of Experimental Psychology & Director, Crossmodal Research Laboratory, University of Oxford.

Prof. Keir Waddington, Professor of History, Cardiff University.