Blog Series 2021-22

Starting in autumn 2021, we invited responses to Mark M. Smith’s A Sensory History Manifesto (2021) from a range of interdisciplinary and international perspectives related broadly to themes of health, medicine, senses and space. This blog series is funded by the UKRI Sensing Spaces of Healthcare project, which paid for contributors to receive a copy of the book. We will have 10 of these blogs in due course. The blogs are listed here, in reverse date order:

Blog Series 2020-21

** This full series is now available in booklet form, for download / reading offline:

Starting in summer 2020, we invited website contributions from members of the Senses and Health/care Environments network and others working on subjects relevant to the Sensing Spaces of Healthcare project.

We summarise these here as ‘blogs’, but this is shorthand for a range of possible contributions from interviews to audio-visual and creative contributions. If you are interested in contributing, please see the Call for Contributions.

The blogs are listed here, in reverse date order:

The ‘Sensing Spaces of Healthcare’ project and ‘Senses and Modern Health/care Environment’ network are hosts for authors’ material. All views expressed in the above are those of the authors and do not represent the views of the project, network, funders or affiliates. The responsibility for clearing rights to publish images or quote sources lies with the authors. All copyright remains with authors, and unauthorised reproduction is prohibited in line with copyright law.

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